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Year 7 Step up Highlights

RECOUNT: Year 7 STEP UP Highlights


Last week we had the Year 7 STEP UP Programme. Write a recount, sharing what your three main highlights were and why. 




(Who, what, when, where, why)

On wednesday we had a Year 7 Step up was all about helping each other and showing leadership,That day on wednesday the year 8’s went on their Camp to Kahurangi island.
Paragraph 1

Highlight 1

My first highlight on the first day was when we all had to pick a leader and a haka. The team names were Hustlers,Buckle and Mana. We all did our haka and Hustlers won.. It was just the first round tho. We had a big sing off and the word was ‘’Love’’ we all had to think of a song that had love in it. After that we went to do our activity.One of my favourite highlights was the Card game and the Rock,paper,scissors chocolate game. 
Paragraph 2

Highlight 2

The next day.. The next day we all went to our activity,the activities were,Dodgeball,Run and eat,Human tic tac toe and basketball.  On that day we all had to do a dodgeball team match. The first round was Buckle vs Mana,Mana won the first round and second round it was Hustlers vs mana,and none won because everyone was cheating! 
Paragraph 3

Highlight 3

On the third day,we had an Immersion assembly and went to our rotations after Morning tea we Had a movie called ‘’Fearless’’ . It had an alien and a boy that was trying to save Planet earth,we also got Popcorn and a drink. After the movie we had lunch and it was Pasta with Beef.. we went out to lunch and me and my friends Akaisha,Pesi and Shirleyrose went too the park to play Tag.After lunch we had a big Prize Giving and also Congratulations to the people that won a Chocolate! 



Last week on wednesday the year 8’s went to camp,and the year 7’s had a Step up programme. It was about showing Leadership and Confidence. We all went outside and said goodbye to the year 8’s, after that we all got told that we were in a group, the group had 25  people in it,after that we all had to come up with a name and a Leader,We voted for Eve and JJ too be our Leader,and our group name was… ‘’HUSTLERS’’ after we came up with the names and leaders we went and did a Haka! We only got 10 minutes to come up with a haka then.. Miss Lagitupu told us to ‘’come and sit in your group lines’’. The leaders had to do ‘’Rock,Paper,Scissors,SHOOT!’’ and Eve won! Buckle was telling us not to pick them but we did pick them. Buckle Did their Haka and we cheered for them, next up was the MANA TEAM! 


They did their haka but none was doing it but of course we Cheered for them because they tried their best. After all those Haka’s Hustlers won ‘’ HOORAY’’,We went to our Rotations. The activity  that we did was Tic Tac Toe with Whaea saf in the hall,.. The Next Day… On Thursday the 3 Groups Mana,Hustlers and Buckle went to do their activity and went to tech at Tamaki College,at Tamaki college we do Cooking,Building and Crafting,Te reo and Stem. After we did our Tech programme,we walked back to school and did our rotations.On Friday we did Tiktoking with Pes created by Miss Lagitupu. Everyone did their dance and some people was asking to reset because they kept on messing up,after that we watched a movie called’’ Fearless’’ it was all about a Boy saving planet earth and some aliens were also in the movie, It was funny and enjoyable after the movie we had lunch and went outside to play.. When the bell rang we went to our assigned class and did the roll,Then we did a Prize giving! Congratulations to the people that stepped up and showed leadership throughout the programme! .

i hope the Year 8’s had fun at their camp ! please leave a comment 🙂 !


Kia orana, my name is Kura and I’ll be telling you about what team 5 is gonna be learning about for inquiry. Our topic is called Transformers and we will be learning about Drama.

When we had an immersion assembly in the hall there was some teachers that performed on stage from each team. Team 1 ,2,3,4 and 5. My favourite acting team was team 3 because one of the teachers Mrs Moala was acting like Miss Trunchbull from the movie. Matilda! but my favourite part of the acting was when pj Ate all the chocolate cake it was very big. all the teachers or as I would call them ”Students” because.. they had to act like the students from the movie Matilda.

They danced around the room acting like they were scared for Pj because in the movie matilda some students gets put in the Chokey hole,it has screws all over the place and also needles. when Pj nearly finshed the cake he grabbed a bunch and rubbed it all over miss Trunchbull’s face and then everyone started laughing so hard, i really enjoyed it because it was so funny and very enjoyable.

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